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A little bit about us...

Honey Disposition, the brainchild of vocalists/composers/multi-instrumentalists Elizabeth Boaz and Alex Michels, is a San Francisco-based folk pop project rooted in the profound connection of friendship and a shared passion for music. Despite their contrasting musical upbringings, with Alex immersing himself in classical trumpet and rock & roll guitar and Elizabeth exploring the realms of musical theater from an early age, the two artists discovered common ground in their shared dedication to original songwriting. Their paths crossed in 2018, and it became evident that their collaboration held the potential for something remarkable. In the years that followed, Honey Disposition evolved into an iconic duo — with a rotating assortment of fun musical guests! — committed to making a meaningful impact on both local and global communities through their music. Elizabeth's perceptive lyrics and distinctive vocal arrangements seamlessly blend with Alex's catchy melodies and soulful trumpet playing, creating a signature sound that resonates with authenticity. This dynamic duo extends their influence beyond the stage, recording their debut album in their home studio, leading educational music camps and masterclasses, and touring frequently all around the United States. Their commitment to spreading joy and empowerment is evident in every note they compose and every stage they grace. As Honey Disposition continues to shape the musical landscape, Elizabeth Boaz and Alex Michels stand as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, proving that the convergence of diverse backgrounds can give rise to a harmonious and impactful artistic journey.

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